Madeleine Matar "Nesani (نيساني )" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

نساني من على كنافي رفعته نسي كم ليله من اجله سهرته
عرفته و هو غرقان في بحرهم شلت من صدره حزنه و تنشلته
يا بردان ادفا بروحي ادفيك يا عطشان من عيني ارويك
يا تايه انا شمعه بلياليك نظر عيني ضيا بليلك شعلته
انت يللي كنت تحلف باسمي صرت ترجف لما اسمي ذكرته
انا جناح الوفا اللي كان يحميك عرفت تطير و جناحي كسرته
اشتريك بعمري و عمري غالي الدهب ما يدوم يللي بدهب بعته
كنا سوا نتقاسم الخبز و التوب عجب بيت الوفا بلحظه هدمته
و الاعجب و اغرب ان يجي يوم و تقللي ما اعرفك من هو انت
يجيلك يوم و تتمنى اكلمك و دك تبكي على طيب خدعته

he totally forgot me,he forgot how many night i stay sleepless for him
i knew him drowning in their sea,i take out his sadness from his heart and saved him
oh cold!get warm with my soul,i warm you ,oh thirsty! i water you from my eye
oh lost!i'm a candle in your nights,my eyes is a light i turned on in your night
i'm the one you were swearing of my name,you were trumbling why saying my name
i'm the wing of loyalty that was protecting you ,you knew how to fly and broke my wing
you bought with my life,and my life is precious ,the gold doesn't last forever,what you sold with the gold
we were sharing the bread together and wearing simple clothes,the house of loyalty you destroyed in one moment
and wha's more bizarre that one day you come and tell me "who you are ?i don't know you"
one day will come and you'll wish i talk to you,you'll cry over someone you fooled