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Слова песни "Only One" Ciara

Перевод на: HU

[Verse 1]
I cried out but you didn't hear me
Cried words I didn't know I knew
A lit a light, you still didn't see me
I swore I shine my way to you

Kiss me, hold me, touch me, tease me
You make love and you not easy, if only you could see
Could see what you do to me, I ain't second to nobody
Baby you should understand, it's either them or me

Cause I'm not gonna be your one and only
Just when I'm the only one around
Your one and only
Just when I'm the only one, the only one around

[Verse 2]
Why do I, do I still want you after all of the things you do?
I know you won't be committed to me
Tell me why I choose to stay
There ain't no one but myself to blame

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

Oh, guess I do it to myself boy
Oh, guess I do it to myself
Your one and only
Your one and only, one and only