Ciara "Dance Like We're Making Love" Слова песни

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Dance Like We're Making Love

[Verse 1]Sweat dripping from my body, we both at this partySo come and show me your movesI got some things I can teach tooIf you wanna see, ohYou say you a need a shot of the HennyThen you're ready, do what you need to doCause I'll be waiting for youIt's about to get hot and heavy

[Pre-Hook]It's really lateYou're getting close and the lights are offYour body's in sync to the beat of my heartAnd I can feel your nature rising while I wind on you

[Hook]Let's dance like we're making lo-o-o-o-o-o-oveMa-a-king lo-o-o-o-oveLet's dance like we're making lo-o-o-o-o-o-oveMa-a-king lo-o-o-o-ove

Let's dance like we're making love

[Verse 2]If we're down just maybe, we dance like we're making babiesAs soon as our song comes onCause boy we got all night longSo if you ready, I'm ready, to get it, come onI see a little fadedYou wanna get crazy out on this floorI hope you sure this is what you wantCause once I'm turned on, you can't turn me off

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook (x3)]

[Bridge]Of the wall, body to body you and IAll through the night babyCloser than before, dance like no one's watching you and I, and IBe the time of your life baby

[Hook x3]

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