Слова песни "Stuck On You" Ciara

Margiela, Pucci, Givency
All of that fly look good on me
Vaccarello, Jordan, Cavalli
Wanna know what's next, just wait on me
London, Paris, Tokyo
All of these places that we can go
New York, Vegas, to overseas
Ain't nothing like rolling with a Georgia peach

[Verse 1]
You can't seem to get me off your brain
Going crazy, about to go insane
I won't stop until you scream my name
There's no limit where we're going babe

Don't you know that we're just getting started
Ain't nothing really dropping till we get in the party
Go head and take your chance, if we're lucky
Everybody gon' be right here rocking until the morning
Here it go

Cause I wanna get stuck on you tonight
Yeah I wanna get stuck on you tonight
Tell me can I get stuck on you tonight
Cause I'm gonna get stuck on you tonight

[Verse 1] + [Pre-Chorus]

[Chorus (x2)] + [Bridge]

[Verse 2]
Baby don't say you wanna stop
Imagine all that we could be
Imagine all that we could be
Don't say you wanna stop
The way you move, the things you do
I know you feel the same, oh

Break it down
Sounds so good
I like that
Harmony work it
Get into it
Yas bitch yas!

[Pre-Chorus] + [Bridge]

Исполнитель: Ciara
Альбом: Jackie (2015)
Language: English

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