Ciara "Stuck On You" Слова песни

Stuck On You

[Bridge]Margiela, Pucci, GivencyAll of that fly look good on meVaccarello, Jordan, CavalliWanna know what's next, just wait on meLondon, Paris, TokyoAll of these places that we can goNew York, Vegas, to overseasAin't nothing like rolling with a Georgia peach

[Verse 1]You can't seem to get me off your brainGoing crazy, about to go insaneI won't stop until you scream my nameThere's no limit where we're going babe

[Pre-Chorus]Don't you know that we're just getting startedAin't nothing really dropping till we get in the partyGo head and take your chance, if we're luckyEverybody gon' be right here rocking until the morningHere it go

[Chorus]Cause I wanna get stuck on you tonightYeah I wanna get stuck on you tonightTell me can I get stuck on you tonightCause I'm gonna get stuck on you tonight

[Verse 1] + [Pre-Chorus]

[Chorus (x2)] + [Bridge]

[Verse 2]Baby don't say you wanna stopImagine all that we could beImagine all that we could beDon't say you wanna stopThe way you move, the things you doI know you feel the same, oh

Break it downSounds so goodI like thatHarmony work itGet into itYas bitch yas!

[Pre-Chorus] + [Bridge]

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