Ciara "Only One" paroles

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Only One

[Verse 1]I cried out but you didn't hear meCried words I didn't know I knewA lit a light, you still didn't see meI swore I shine my way to you

[Pre-Chorus]Kiss me, hold me, touch me, tease meYou make love and you not easy, if only you could seeCould see what you do to me, I ain't second to nobodyBaby you should understand, it's either them or me

[Chorus]Cause I'm not gonna be your one and onlyJust when I'm the only one aroundYour one and onlyJust when I'm the only one, the only one around

[Verse 2]Why do I, do I still want you after all of the things you do?I know you won't be committed to meTell me why I choose to stayThere ain't no one but myself to blame

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

[Bridge]Oh, guess I do it to myself boyOh, guess I do it to myselfYour one and onlyYour one and only, one and only


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