Ciara "I Got You" paroles

I Got You

[Intro]Hush little baby don't you cryMomma's gonna love you all your lifeAnd if you ever need a friendMomma's right there till the very endAnd if you're feeling down or weakMomma's gonna give you all the strength you need(I see you laughing, huh)There's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do(Momma, haha)For my little future cause I love you(Is that funny? Yeah?)

[Verse 1]It all can get so out of control sometimesYou can lose your faith, you can lose your mindLose your grip, get stripped of your prideTill you don't know how you're gonna stay aliveAnd this world can throw you over the track sometimesYour friends can stab you in the backSometimes you just break downWhen this life tries to wreck you, I protect you

[Chorus]I got your back, I got youI take your side, I lay my life down for youI'll crawl over broken glass, I will stand in the flameTake the bullet, take the blows, I would take all the painAnything, anything that you gotta get throughHey, hey, I got youHey, hey, I got you

[Verse 2]It all can push you over the edge sometimesMake you wanna jump off the ledge sometimesMake you wanna stand up and screamMake you feel like there is no one listeningThis world can put a hole in your soul sometimesPut you at the end of your roadSometimes you just break downWhen this world tries to end you, I defend you


[Verse 3]I'll be there to stop the bleedingI'll be there to start the healingI will give you what you're needingI'll be right there

[Chorus] x2

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