Ciara "All Good" Слова песни

All Good

[Intro]Ay, this got feel good right hereAll good

[Chorus]Tell me what you wanna do, tonightThinking about you riding down to 85Baby we can do whatever you likeIt's all goodIt's all goodI've been thinking bout youIt's all goodTell me what you wanna doIt's all goodShawty I can fall throughIt's all good in my hood, yeah

[Verse 1]Touch down AtlantaRoll in a PhantomHeaded to DecaturThe East-side where it’s greaterI'm going up, elevatorBut I ain't on an elevatorI don't worry about the hatersI keep my eyes on the paper babayRolling through these streetsJust a ATL peachYeah you know I'm sweetSweet enough to eatIn my 678, all my 404All my 770Anywhere it goes baby

[Pre-Chorus]Southernplayalistic through speakers in my trunkRoll the windows down and just enjoy the rideEven when I'm out of town they know just where I'm fromATLANTA, GA that's rightNo lie


[Verse 2]I might throw some skates onGet my straight onOut here getting to itCause you know I can't stay homeI got this thing turned upEverybody's hands going upI might just live in the momentCause I can't get enoughWe all wanna have fun sometimesSo let's do it one time for the one timeYou know I be going inTomorrow we do it againCan't wear high heels on this songMight see me out here with some kicks onEven if I get a little crazyYou know I still remain calm

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

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