Ciara "All Good" lírica

Ay, this got feel good right here
All good

Tell me what you wanna do, tonight
Thinking about you riding down to 85
Baby we can do whatever you like
It's all good
It's all good
I've been thinking bout you
It's all good
Tell me what you wanna do
It's all good
Shawty I can fall through
It's all good in my hood, yeah

[Verse 1]
Touch down Atlanta
Roll in a Phantom
Headed to Decatur
The East-side where it’s greater
I'm going up, elevator
But I ain't on an elevator
I don't worry about the haters
I keep my eyes on the paper babay
Rolling through these streets
Just a ATL peach
Yeah you know I'm sweet
Sweet enough to eat
In my 678, all my 404
All my 770
Anywhere it goes baby

Southernplayalistic through speakers in my trunk
Roll the windows down and just enjoy the ride
Even when I'm out of town they know just where I'm from
ATLANTA, GA that's right
No lie


[Verse 2]
I might throw some skates on
Get my straight on
Out here getting to it
Cause you know I can't stay home
I got this thing turned up
Everybody's hands going up
I might just live in the moment
Cause I can't get enough
We all wanna have fun sometimes
So let's do it one time for the one time
You know I be going in
Tomorrow we do it again
Can't wear high heels on this song
Might see me out here with some kicks on
Even if I get a little crazy
You know I still remain calm

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]