Zohar Argov "haperach begani" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

B'yom aviv bahir vatzach
Otach ani zocher
Ukvar me'az heiteiv yada'ti
shelo avateir.
Ki li hayit be'vat einai
bechol yom bechol leil,
hayit li kemal'ach ha-el
mitoch ha'arafel.

Ratziti levakesh yadech,
ratziti lach lomar,
sod ahava shebilvavi
shamoor mikol mishmar
ratziti lach lomar ahavati,
ahavti ve nigmar
ach lo he'azti for
gam keshehaya k'var me'uchar.

At olami im shachar
at li kol hayom
at olami balayla
at hachalom.
At bedami beruchi u'levavi
at ha'nicho'ach hamatok
haperach begani.

Meaz halach't yomi koder
aroch u'meshamem
lashav rotzeh ani lishko'ach
Chazri maher, ki bil'adayich
olami shomem
nadamu meitarei koli
vekinori domem.

On a clear and crisp spring day
I remember you.
Already since then I knew well
that I won't give up,
for you were in my eye
every night and every day.
You were for me, as a heavenly angel
in the mist.

I wanted to ask for your hand.
I wanted to say to you
the secret of love that is in my heart
guarded from all.
I wanted to say to you, my love,
I loved and it's over
I did not dare
also when it was too late.

You are my world at dawn.
You are mine all day.
You are my world at night.
You are the dream.
You are in my blood, my spirit and in my heart.
You are the sweet fragrance,
the flower in my garden.

Since you went my day is dimmed,
long and boring.
In vain I wish to forget
and not to notice.
Return fast, for without you
my world is desolate,
my vocal chords are silenced
and my violin is quiet.