Bryan Adams "she knows me" paroles

Traduction vers:deel

she knows me

Winds will come and winds will goAnd the seasons always changeBut the light that shimmers in her eyesStays the sameYeah, the sun will shine and the moon will glowAnd the world will always turnThere's a constant fire inside of herThat always burnsShe knows meEvery corner of my soulShe knows meThe way I come, the way I goShe told meThere's nothin' I can showThat she don't know about meRound and round and round we goNeither here or neither thereAll I know, without her in my lifeI'd be nowhereWell, feelings come and feelings goBut some things never changeLike the light that shimmers in her eyesIt stays the sameOh, she knows meWhen I'm wrong or when I'm rightShe knows meIn the middle of the nightShe holds meAnd I don't say a wordCuz words could never save meShe's got a permanent hold on my heartAnd I'm learning to live with the lonelinessWhen we're apartEvery little wayShe knows meWhen there's nothin' left to sayShe holds meAnd time just flies awayCuz bein' with her is so easyOh, she knows meBetter than I know myself...

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