Željko Joksimović "Tanana" paroles

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Nisi ti meni tako fina,
ni slatka kao mandarina.
Siđi mi malo sa visina
i reci šta te zanima.

Za tebe ja sam pravi div,
ja sam pravi div.
Za malo bola biću kriv,
biću malo kriv,
ali sam dobar sedativ.

Jer ti si tako, tako ta, ta tanana.
Tanja od moga dlana,
ma, ma, malena.
Taman za moja kolena,
nisam od kamena, bićeš voljena

Ta, ta, tanana kosa ti boje lana,
ma, ma, malena.
Kad padne preko ramena,
nisam od kamena, bićeš voljena.

Nisi ti meni više mala,
nije ti telo od kristala.
Sva od opala i korala,
ti bi me rado pozvala.

Ma samo da te dohvatim,
da te dohvatim.
Neću da muke naplatim,
da ti naplatim,
samo ću da te razmazim.

You are not so nice (lit. delicious) to me
You are not very sweet (you're not as sweet as a mandarin)
Come down from those heights for a bit (stop being so snobbish)
and tell me what you're interested in

For you I'm a real giant
I am a real giant
I will cause you a little pain
It will be my fault
But I am a good sedative (for pain) as well

Because you are so, so thin
thinner than the palm of my hand
so small
perfect for my knees
but I am not made of stone
you will be loved

So thin, your pale hair (hair the color of muslin)
so small
when it falls over the shoulder
I am not made of stone, you will be loved

you are not a girl to me anymore
your body is not made of crystal
opals and coral
you would be happy to call me

When I catch you
catch you
I won't make you pay for this suffering
make you pay
I will just spoil you