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t.A.T.u. "Cosmos (Outer Space)" paroles

Traduction vers: CS DA FR DE HU IT FA PT RU SK ES

Games we don' want to play
Same winner everyday
Kill for the second best
Feel no more, feel no less
We have our minutes cut
We lose our fellings but
That's what the movies show
This is where stories go
Stars we don't want to reach
Scars we don't want to stitch
Go where we haven't been
Fly away, time machine
Clouds, we will chase them out
Crowds, we will face them down
This is our secret place
Outer space, outer space

Our home forever is outer space
Black stars and endless seas; outer space
New hope, new destinies; outer space
Forever we'll be in outer space, outer space

Ground we don' want to feel
Found what they didn't steal
Time, we were really lost
Bridges burned, fingers crossed
We, shall we ever be
Free with no guarantee
Life on another plane
Same before, same again
Go where you want to go
So no one ever knows
Only what we decide
Is it gone?Has it died?
Dry every tear in my
Eye, you can tell me why?
This is our secret place
Outer space, outer space


Outer space is where we get together
In this place we're meant to be
Stars are dancing and the time is fading
Die forever you and me
Passing stars and counting moons of planets
In the cosmos we are free
There's no atmosphere and no obsessions
It'll always be, it'll always be

Refrain 2x