Cui Jian "Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao (让我睡个好觉)" lyrics

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Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao (让我睡个好觉)


听够了人们哭 听够了人们笑受够了马车花轿汽车和大炮该让我听见水声听见鸟叫该让我舒舒服服睡个好觉

马车 花轿 汽车和大炮人喊 人叫 人哭和人笑



马车 花轿 汽车和大炮人喊 人叫 人哭和人笑

Let me sleep

Don't say whether I look good or bad.Don't ask whether if I am old or young.Don't worry about why my name is *Lu Gouqiao.Don't blame me for telling you I know nothing.I've heard enough of people laughing and crying.I've had enough of carriages, sedans, cars, and cannons.Just let me hear the sound of rivers flowing and birds singing.Just let me have a nice comfortable sleep.

Carriages, sedans, cars, and cannons.Yelling, shouting, laughing, and crying.Don't keep at me with your constant chattering.Just pick up your legs and keep moving.Go west and it's a deep silence.Go east and it's a boisterous cacophony.Everybody stop all this noise!You've got to realize how tormented I am.The truth is that I'm really annoyed.Because I haven't had a good sleep in such a long time.

Here one can find the English lyrics of the song Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao (让我睡个好觉) by Cui Jian. Or Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao (让我睡个好觉) poem lyrics. Cui Jian Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao (让我睡个好觉) text in English. Also can be known by title Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao 让我睡个好觉 (Cui Jian) text. This page also contains a translation, and Rang Wo Shui Ge Hao Jiao 让我睡个好觉 meaning.