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Dragon Ball Z (OST) "Dragon Power ∞ (Mugendai) - ドラゴンパワー∞(むげんだい)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

パワー! パワー! パワー!

暗黒の 彼方から
遺伝子を 組み換えた

ひとりぼっちじゃ勝てない あいつにだって
二人の心 ひとつに溶かせば
勝利が 微笑む
D! ど(DO)んな時でも
R! 歩(R) き続けろ
A! 永(A) 遠の愛を信じて
GO! 戦え GO! GO! GO!
N! 遠(N) 慮はいらない
二人の未来は 無限大


悲しみを 引き連れて
この地球(ほし)に 牙を剥く
今は知らない秘密が 怒りの中で
二人の身体 ひとつに燃やして
勇者を 導く

D! どこ(DO)に行っても
R! ある(R) 日突然
A! 英(A) 雄は夢を抱くのさ
GO! 負けるな GO! GO! GO!
N! 延(N) 長ラウンド
二人は逆転 決めるだろう


D! R! A! G! O! N!
Dragon power!
D! R! A! G! O! N!
Dragon power!
Power! Power! Power!
Dragon power!

From the dark distance
They come over
These bio-warriors
Have modified their genes

He can't win by himself -
When two hearts dissolve into one
Victory will smile
D! At all times
R! Keep walking forth
A! Believing in eternal love
GO! Fight, GO! GO! GO!
N! Give no quarter
Their future is infinite


With sadness in tow
They come around again and again
Bearing their fangs on this star
The universe's hitmen
Now have an unknown secret in their anger
Two bodies burning as one
Leading brave men

D! Wherever they may go
R! Suddenly, one day
A! The heroes hold onto their dreams
GO! Don't lose, GO! GO! GO!
N! Maybe the extra round
Will decide their comeback