Laibach "España" lyrics

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Triumfa España

Let us sing, comrades,The great battle song,Our fierce voicesShall prove we're strong

Soldiers, the countryCalls us to the fight.We swear to her loyaltyTo conquer or die.

Triumfa España – el fantasma de la Edad de OroBrave is your Jesus – El Toreador!

The fire of battleThe trumpet of war,

Affrighting the greedy,The cannons now roar.

Raise your arms, sonsAnd daughters of Spain,This glorious nation isEmerging again.

Triumfa España!Los yunques y las ruedas,Cantan al compassDel himno de la fe.

Gloria, Gloria, crown of the poor,Brave is your Jesus – El Toreador…Gloria, Gloria, crown of the poor,Dark was your Jesus – El Conquistador!

Here one can find the lyrics of the song España by Laibach. Or España poem lyrics. Laibach España text. Also can be known by title Espana (Laibach) text.