Passenger "Staring at the Stars" lyrics

Staring at the Stars

Tobacco stains our yellow teethAnd all our fingers and underneathOur fingernails, that clamp on sheetsAs we try desperately to sleep

Hearts are sad and eyes are tiredAnd all this Red Bull keeps us wiredGives us wings,It gives us rings around our eyes

We put three sugars in our teaSit to watch too much day time TVAnd laugh at mumsWho don't know who the father is

And all our girlfriends are long goneWe watch too much internet pornWho needs loveWhen you've got silicone and strap-ons

And beer bloats our spoiled gutsAnd shit jobs keep us in rutsAnd keep us eyeing upThe what's and ifs and buts and maybes

And falling over in the streetIs just a part of every weekAnd we lie drunkenlyJust staring at the stars

Remember when they were in reachAnd all the teachers used to teachYou can do anythingIf you put your mind to it

We put our minds to it allBut disappointment crashed the ballWe could have done anythingBut we just never quite knew it

So tie your scarf on tightIt's to be a cold nightTie your scarf on tightIt's to be a cold night (4 x)

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