Hani Shaker "Almafroud" lyrics

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المفروض ان احنا الاتنين كان بينا امانى وكانت بينا وعودان احنا الاتنين ياما قلنا لا يمكن هتفرقنا حدودليه قلتلى عاشقك بجنونليه تخدعنى ليه بتخونليه بتحب مادام هتبيعليه نحلم والحلم يضيعليه تحلفلى وبتوعدنىليه تقربلى وتعودنىوبترغمنى وبتقيدنى بحب مالوهش اساس ووجودليه ليه ليه

ليه تخدعنى وليه بتوهمنى وليه بتسبنى أعيش مخدوعأملا حياتك حب وفرحة وتملا حياتى جراح ودموععيشتنى فى الوهم سنينرحلة حب وشوق وحنينكانو عيونك ليه خاينينكان قلبك وضميرك فينليه تحيينى وليه تموتنىليه بتبنينى وليه هدتنىليه شدتنى وليه خلتنى أمشى معاك فى طريق مسدودليه ليه ليه

ليه القلب الطيب دايما يبقى جزاءه آلام وخداعليه الحب الصادق لازم تبقى نهايته فراق ووداعقللى عملت لقلبك ايهانا ما ظلمتش تظلم ليهليه بتسبنى فى نار وعذابأرسم 1000 أمل كدابليه تكسرنى وبتهزمنىوبتجرحنى وبتقسمنىوبتجبرنى وبتلزمنى أعاهدك وما توفيش بوعود

it was supposed

It was supposed that we had wishes and promises for both of usThat we both frequently said there is no limits can separate usWhy did you tell me that you love meWhy do you deceive me why do you cheatWhy do you love as you will leave?Why do we dream as we will lose this dream?Why do you swear to me and promise mewhy do you get close to me and make me get used to youAnd force me and tie me to a love that has no base or existenceWhy why why

Why do you deceive me and why you delude me and why do you let me be fooledI filled your life with love and happiness and you filled my life with injuries and tearsYou made me live in delusion for yearsIn a journey of love, passion and desireWhy were your eyes so faithlessWhere have your heart and your awareness beenWhy do you give me life then why do you kill meWhy do you build me then why do you destroy meWhy did you grip me and why did you make me walk with you in a blocked wayWhy why why

Why is always the good heart rewarded with pains and deceptionWhy must the true love be ended with separation and leavingTell me what have I done for your heartI didn't aggrieve so why do youWhy do you leave me in fire and suffering?Drawing thousand of false hopesWhy do you break me and you conquer meAnd you hurt me and you divide meAnd you force me and oblige me to promise and you don't keep your promises

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