Bob Dylan "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" lyrics

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Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Oh well, I love you, pretty babyYou're the only love I've ever knownJust as long as you stay with meThe whole world is my throne

Beyond here lies nothin'Nothin' we can call our own

Well, I'm movin' after midnightDown boulevards of broken carsDon't know what I'd do without itWithout this love that we call ours

Beyond here lies nothin'Nothin' but the moon and stars

Down every street there's a windowAnd every window's made of glassWe'll keep on lovin', pretty babyFor as long as love will last

Beyond here lies nothin'But the mountains of the past

Well, my ship is in the harborAnd the sails are spreadListen to me, pretty babyLay your hand upon my head

Beyond here lies nothin',Nothin' done and nothin' said

Here one can find the lyrics of the song Beyond Here Lies Nothin' by Bob Dylan. Or Beyond Here Lies Nothin' poem lyrics. Bob Dylan Beyond Here Lies Nothin' text. Also can be known by title Beyond Here Lies Nothin (Bob Dylan) text.