Bob Dylan "Most Of The Time" lyrics

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Most Of The Time

Most of the timeI'm clear focused all aroundMost of the timeI can keep both feet on the groundI can follow the pathI can read the signStay right with it when the road unwindsI can handle whateverI stumble uponI don't even notice she's goneMost of the time.

Most of the time it's well understoodMost of the time I wouldn't change it if I couldI can make it all match upI can hold my ownI can deal with the situation right down to the boneI can survive and I can endureAnd I don't even think about herMost of the time.

Most of the time my head is on straightMost of the time I'm strong enough not to hateI don't build up illusion 'til it makes me sickI ain't afraid of confusion no matter how thickI can smile in the face of mankindDon't even remember what her lips felt like on mineMost of the time.

Most of the time she ain't even in my mindI wouldn't know her if I saw herShe's that far behindMost of the time I can even be sureIf she was ever with meOr if I was ever with herMost of the time I'm halfway contentMost of the time I know exactly where it wentI don't cheat on myself I don't run and hideHide from the feelings that are buried insideI don't compromise and I don't pretendI don't even care if I ever see her againMost of the time.

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