Queen "A Winter's Tale" lyrics

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A Winter's Tale

It's Winter-fallRed skies are gleaming - oh -Sea-gulls are flyin' overSwans are floatin' bySmoking chimney-topsAm I dreaming...Am I dreaming...?

The nights draw inThere's a silky moon up in the sky - yeah -Children are fantasisingGrown-ups are standin' byWhat a super feelingAm I dreaming...Am I dreaming...?Woh-woh-woh-woh

(dreaming)So quiet and peacefulTranquil and blissfulThere's a kind of magic in the airWhat a truly magnificent viewA breathtaking sceneWith the dreams of the worldIn the palm of your hand

(dreaming)A cosy fireside chatA little this, a little thatSound of merry laughter skippin' byGentle rain beatin' on my faceWhat an extraordinary place!And the dream of the childIs the hope of the man

It's all so beautifulLike a landscape painting in the sky - yeah -Mountains are zoomin' higher - mm -Little girls scream an' crymy world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin'It's unbelievableSends me reelingAm I dreaming...Am I dreaming...?Oooh - it's bliss.

Here one can find the lyrics of the song A Winter's Tale by Queen. Or A Winter's Tale poem lyrics. Queen A Winter's Tale text. Also can be known by title A Winters Tale (Queen) text.