One OK Rock "Nobody’s Home" lyrics

Nobody’s Home

How are you doing?そんなふうに言えるのにも時間がかかったねいつだってここだけは温もりややさしさが僕を包んでくれてた場所で

けど僕は何度も裏切ってきたねI just say 心から I’m sorry今やっと気づいたよ

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeah何もかもを捨てて飛び出したあの日思い出せば僕の背中をあの時も強く押してくれてたんだね



Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeahたとえカタチが崩れて無くなっても目には見えないもので必ず僕ら生きる限りつながっているから

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeah本当に迷惑ばかりかけてきたからいつか必ず越えて必ず僕の見せたい景色を見せるから

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeah心から愛してるよありがとう

Nobody's Home

How are you doing?I could say that, but time sure has passed hasn’t it?I’ve always been cradled by the warmth and tendernessOf your embrace

But I’ve betrayed you so many timesI just say from my heart that I’m sorryI just finally realized

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeahThat day I threw away absolutely everything and set offIf I let myself remember, at that timeYou gave my back the powerful push it needed

Realizing how scattered I becameFrustratingly not knowing what I could and couldn’t doThe reality that my parent’s dream for meAnd my own dream did not intersect

But now I can say thatThroughout our time apart, I never wavered

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeahEven if I were to collapse into nothingWhat I can’t see before my eyesIs tied with our will to live

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeahBecause I honestly bombarded you with troubleSomeday definitely, more than definitelyI’ll show you the scenery I want to see

Nobody’s home, yeahNobody’s home, yeahI love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you

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