One OK Rock "Kaimu (皆無)" lyrics

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Kaimu (皆無)

この地球がもしも明日 全てを終わらそうとすればどれだけの怒り・悲しみを残していくだろう?それ聞いてこの星で 自分の命と引き換えに地球を守ろうとするやつがどれだけいるだろう?


ココは皆無・カイム誰もが口先だけで 自分の事で精一杯それじゃ何を言えど何も変わりはしないさ 子供遊びは止めろよ

本当はこの地球も 誰かが作ったニセモノで金魚のように水槽で 飼われてたとしてたまにくる雷や各地を荒らす地震でさえ実は飼い主がイタズラで 遊んでるだけで


まさに悪夢・アクム僕らの成長・進化さえも 癒しの一つでしかなくてこれじゃ何をしえど最終的なみんなの運命は 葬り去られてしまうだけ

ココは皆無・カイム実はソコには何もなくて 誰かの作る幻想でだったとしたら 僕はまさに誰かの作るカラクリにまんまとハマってるだけ

ココは皆無・カイム森やビルや人でさえも 誰かの作る幻想でだったとしたら 君はまさに誰かの作るカラクリにまんまと手を貸しているのかい?


If everything on this planet came to an end tomorrow How much anger, how much sadness would be left behind? And after hearing this question, just how many people Would be willing to give their lives in exchange for protecting the Earth?

No matter what people say, talk is cheap Let's see some action being done instead!!

This is the nothingness that we exist in Where people are all talk and only concerned about themselves If that's the case then no matter what is said Nothing will ever change; let's stop these children's games

What if this planet was really a fake made by someone And we were being kept like goldfish in a fish tank And the thunderstorms and earthquakes that shake the Earth Were actually our owner's way of playing pranks on us

Once I start thinking about that, I can't seem to stop But if that was really the truth then...

It'd be a nightmare, a total NIGHTMARE Our growth and evolution are just one cure If this was the case, then whatever we do In the end, we are are fated for oblivion

This is the nothingness that we exist in The truth is that nothing exists out there; it's just an illusion that someone created If that's the case, then I'm surely Caught in a trick that someone made

This is the nothingness that we exist in The forests, the buildings and even the people are just an illusion made by someone If that's the case, then you're surely be Lending a hand to the trick someone made?