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National Anthems & Patriotic Songs "Berber national anthem - Kker a mmis umazigh !" lyrics

Translation to: EN FR PT TO TR

Kker a mmi-s n umaziɣ !
Iṭij-nneɣ yuli-d,
Aṭas aya ur t-ẓriɣ,
A gma nnuba-nneɣ tezzi-d.

Azzel ini-as i Masinisa :
Tamurt-is tuki-d ass-a.
Win ur nebɣi ad iqeddem.
Argaz seg neɣ yif izem.

Ini-as, in-as i Yugurta.
Arraw-is ur t-tettun ara.
Ttar-ines ad t-id-rren.
Isem-is ad tid-skeflen.

I Lkahina n yicawiyen.
Atin isexdamen irgazen.
Ini-as ddin i aɣ-d-ǧǧa.
Di leɛmer ur ten-tettu ara.

S umeslay-nneɣ ad nili.
Azekka ad yif iḍelli.
Tamaziɣt ad tegm ad ternu.
D tgejdit n win nteddu.

Seg yidurar id-tekka teɣri.
S amennuɣ nedba tikli.
Tura ulac, ulac akukru.
Ad-nerrez wala ad neknu.

Lezzayer tamurt ɛzizen.
Fell-am ad nefk idammen.
Igenni-m yeffeɣ-it usigna.
Tafat-im d lḥurriya.

Igider n tggureg yuffgen.
Ssaweḍ azul i watmaten.
Si Terga Zeggaɣen ɣer Siwa.
D asif n yidammen a tarwa.

Get up child of Amazigh!*
Our sun has risen
Long ago that I had seen,
Brother, our turn has arrived.

Run, tell Massinissa*:
That his country is now awake,
As for those who will not advance,
Only one of us is more than a lion.

Tell, tell Yugurtha*:
That his children have not forgotten
They take revenge,
They dig up his name.

Tell the Kahina* of Chaouis
Who guided the men,
Tell her : the pact she left us,
We will never forget.

We live with our language,
Tomorrow will be better than yesterday,
Berber grow and prosper,
It is the pillar of progress.

From the mountains came the call,
We started to fight.
Now, now no more hesitation,
We will break but we will not bend.

Algeria beloved
For you we shed our blood,
Your sky lit up,
In the sun of freedom.

Falcon, free-flying,
Greetour brothers.
From the Rio de Oro to Siwa,
Children, the same blood unites us.