Marc Anthony "Muy dentro de mi" lyrics

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Muy dentro de mi

Solo quiero que vuelvas a m¡para otra vez poder sentirlo que es amorEstaba muerto de dolor

Sin t¡ mi vida ha sido grisy no hay nada que me haga mas felizque escuchar tu vozooh, junto a m¡

Oh, contigo se lo que es vivirsin tu amor yo no quiero seguirYa no tengo miedo a amaresta vez no tengo miedo a amarOh, que bello es amarte as¡que suerte es tenerte a t¡escuchar tu voz, ooh, junto a m¡

Todo el tiempo que estuviste aqui y nunca te vi

y la luz de amor brillaba ardiendo en tu mirarque ciego fui, nunca te viy hoy te siento muy dentro de miesa llama del amor solo la enciendes tu

como extrano ver tu rostro bajo el cielo azulque ciego fui, nunca te viy hoy te siento muy dentro de mi

Y pensar que hoy vives en m¡y no sab¡a que pod¡a existireste amor entre los doshay tanto amor entre tu y yo

Tus palabras me llenan a m¡me motivan y me hacen sentir libreHoy vives en m¡

Todo el tiempo...(x2)

Deep Into Me

i only want you to come back to meto be able to feel againwhat love isi was dying of pain

without you my life has been dull (gray)and there is nothing that makes me happierthan to hear your voiceclose to me

with you i know what life is all abouti don't want to continue without your lovei am not afraid to lovethis time, i am not afraid to lovehow beautiful it is to love you like thishow lucky to have youto hear your voice, close to me

all the time you were here and i never even saw you

and the light of love, shone burning in your starehow blind I was, i never saw youand today i feel you deep into methat call of love can only be light by you (like lighting a fire)

how i miss to see your face, under the blue skyhow blind i was, i never saw youand today i feel you deep into me

and to think that today you live in meand i didn't know that it was possible to havethis love between usthere is so much love between you and I

your words fill methey motivate me and make me feel freetoday you live in me

all the time

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