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Eminem "Must Be The Ganja" lyrics

Translation to: HR

I feel like dancing, I feel like dancing
I smell something in the air that's making me high!
I said, I smell something in the air that's making me high!

[Verse 1]
Ok, here we go, Do-re-mi-fa-so-fa-so-la-ti so
Lyrical rascal, kick back the Tabasco
You motherfucker's must just not know the tick-tock, so
Time to show you the most kick-ass flow in the cosmos
Picasso with a pick axe, a sick asshole
Tic-tac-toe comes with 6-pack, with Exacto
Knives, strangling wives with thick lasso
3 bags of the grass, Zig Zags. I'm with the Doc, so
You know how that go, skull and the crossbones
This is poison to boys and girls who do not know
You do not want to try this at home, my lil vato
This is neither the time nor the place to get macho
So crack a 6-pack, sit back with some nachos
Maybe some popcorn, watch the show and just rock slow
It's not what you expected, not what you thought so
Bout time that you wake the fuck up, smell the pot smoke

It must be the Ganja, it's the marijuana
That's creeping upon me, why I'm so high
Maybe it's the Henny, that has gotten in me
Whatever's got into me, I don't mind

[Verse 2]
Your dreams are getting fulfilled oh, I'm literally getting a chill
Spitting at will, me and Dre have just finished splitting a pill
You're submitting to skill, sitting still
I'm admitting I'm beginning to feel like I don't think anyone's real
Faced with a dilemma, I can be Dalai Lama and be calmer
Bring drama a step beyond a Jeffrey Dahmer
Please don't upset me mama, you're looking sexy mama
Don't know if it's the lala, or the rum and Pepsi mama
Don't wanna end up inside my refrigerator freezer
Be used as extra topping then next time I make a pizza
How many people you know that can name every serial killer
Who ever existed in a row, put them in chronological order
Beginning with Jack the Ripper
Name the time and place from the body, the bag, the zipper
Location of the woods where the body was dragged and then dumped
The trunk that they was stuffed in, the model, the make, the plate
And which model, which lake they found her
And how they attacked the victim
Say what murder weapon was used to do what on which one
Which knife and which gun, what kid, what wife and which nun
Don't stop, I like this it's fun, the fucking night's just begun


[Verse 3]
When I'm behind the mic, dynamite's what it's kinda like
You're stuck with the same stick that you're trying to light
Behind the boards, it's Dre, legends are made this way
Isn't it safe to say, this is the way it should be?
Maybe you need some lyric syrup serum for your symptoms
Here's a dosage of the antidote, now you give him some
He can give her some, she can give them some
Get behind a LinnDrum, make up a beat and kill the sucker syndrome
The spinning drum when it comes to lyrics and penning some
Starting from scratch and then ending up at the ending of
Capable of winning a Pulitzer, so unbelievable, it's a
Titanium cranium that's full of surprises
When the smoke rises, right before your very own eyes
You stare into your stereos (high)
Good evening, this isn't even a weed thing
I ain't even smoke anything, I ain't even drinking