Céline Dion "Miracle" lyrics

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you're my life's one miracleeverything I've done that's goodand you break my heart with tendernessand I confess it's trueI never knew a love like this 'til youyou're the reason I was bornnow I finally know for sureand I'm overwhelmed with happinessso blessed to hold you closethe one that I love mostthough the future has so much for you in storewho could ever love you more?the nearest thing to heavenyou're my angel from aboveonly God creates such perfect lovewhen you smile at me, I cryand to save your life I'd diewith a romance that is pure in heartyou are my dearest partwhatever it requiresI live for your desiresforget my own, your needs will come beforewho could ever love you more?there is nothing you could ever doto make me stop loving youand every breath I takeis always for your sakeyou sleep inside my dreams and know for surewho could ever love you more?

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