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Cesária Évora "Crepuscular Solidão" lyrics

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Vento di mar
Traze'm um cretcheu
Ness detardinha
Di ceu nublado

Um tchuva d'amor
Pode faze flori
Um coraçon
Quemode di paixon

Na patamar
Dum vida singela
Un incontra
Dona Felicidade

Nem um olhar
Un incontra
Num multidão
Tão solitaria

Ja tem gente
Gente até demás
Q'tita sofre
Na solidão

Ja tem gente
Q'ta quase ta morre
Na luz cadente
Dum crepusculo

Wind coming from the sea,
bring to me some happiness
in this cloudy

A love shower
to make flowering
a heart
that suffers for passion.

In the situation
of a humble life,
I contemplate
the Lady Happiness*.

Not even a glance
is able to find me
in the crowd
so lonely.

There are already people,
too many people
that suffer
because of the loneliness.

There are already people
that are close to die
in the falling light
of a twilight.