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Cesária Évora "Bia" lyrics

Translation to: EN

M' morá perto di mar
Perto di mar cu ceu
Longe di boca dess mundo
Na ess silencio mi cu nha cretcheu

Bia di meu
Bem nha cretcheu
Bem pa nô bem morá
Perto di mar
Ta namorá
Longe di boca dess mundo

Mar bem contá-me ess bô distino
Ess bô distino 'sim c'ma meu
Nôs vida é rolá n'areia
Sô ta braçá sô ta beja bô cretcheu

I live close to the sea
Close to the sea with sky
Far away from the mouth of my love
In this silence I am with my love

Road of mine
Come my love
Come for us come live
Close to the sea
Falling in love
Far away from the mouth of this world

Sea come and tell me this fate of yours
This fate of yours is just like mines
Our life is rolling in the sand
Only hugging only kissing our beloved