The Beatles "You'll Be Mine" lyrics

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You'll Be Mine

Well darling all the nightYou'll be mine and I knowYou'll be mine until you dieYou'll be mine

And so(And so)All the night(All the night)You'll be mine(You'll be mine)You'll be mineAnd the stars(And the stars)Always shine(Always shine)You'll be mine

My darling, when you brought meThat toast the other morningI, I looked into your eyesAnd I could see a nice little healthy eyeballAnd I loved you like I never doneLike I've never done before!

And the stars(And the stars)Always shine(Always shine)And you'll be mine[Incomprehensible] you'll be mineYou'll be mineAt the start(At the start)Oh yes, you'll be

Here one can find the lyrics of the song You'll Be Mine by The Beatles. Or You'll Be Mine poem lyrics. The Beatles You'll Be Mine text. Also can be known by title Youll Be Mine (The Beatles) text.