Elissa "bataly tehebeehh" lyrics

bataly tehebeehh

Stop loving her

Forget her., dont think about her again.Keep your self busy with anything. Stop loving her

Leave her. And dont come back to herIf she tries. Don't accept

Words are easy. But who can apply x2

My heart is no longer calm nor satisfied with her lifeIf it was love. It would be easy

There are lovers who repent and lovers who meltBut i loved her fault. There is nothing more than thatI tell the years to go byHer distance equals my deathIf i silenced my voice, my heart calls for her

I remember ever whispers. I feel every touchThe idea of forgetting makes me remember her

Throw the memories of her nights,Dont even once pray to meet her again

No matter what, Dont run to her.If you see her again. Forbid your eyes from tearing.

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