Miso Kovač "Ostala si uvijek ista" Liedtext

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Odavno već nisam
mislio o tebi
među nama dani i godine stoje
nikada te više pronašao ne bih
da se jučer nismo
vidjeli nas dvoje

Stigao sam kasno
stajao na cesti
i slučajno tebe
ugledao tada
ni slutili nismo
da ćemo se sresti
pod svjetlima ovog
bezimenog grada

Pričaš mi o svemu
hodamo polako
odavno se nismo isplakali tako
ostala si uvijek ista
I ove suze na licu tvom
ostala si uvijek ista
jedina žena na putu mom
ostala si uvijek ista.

i havent in a while
thought of you
between us days and years stay still
i would never find you
if only yesterday we didnt
see each other

i arrived late
arrived on the street
and coincidentaly you
too a look at the time
we didnt even think
that we would come across earch other
upond this earth
in a town without a name

you talk to me about everything
were walking slowlu
its been a long time since weve cried that much
youve always remained the same
and these tears on your face
have remained the same
the only woman on my road (like life)
you have remained the same