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Reza Sadeghi "Naro" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

Naro, Naro
to ham mesle man nemitooni davoom biyari
to ham mesle man to ghosse kam miyari, naroo
ahhhh, naroo
naro, naro
to ham taboone gham midi ey man, naroo
to ham ta'one gham migiri ey man, naroo

to ke midooni, man bi to, to bi man yani hasrat
to ke midoni bi javab midoone eshgh o adat
to ke midoni kam misham
to ke midooni kam mishi
to ke midooni ham aghooshe gham mishi

beri, javabe roozat ro chi midi?
harfaye maro to gooshe ki migi?
to midooni toye in bache bazi, man o to har do bazande bazim
naro, ke raftante salahe ma nist
bebin, jodaee to negahe ma nist
naro, nazar began eshgh yani hasrat
nazar ke in tamana beshe nefrat

Don't go, Don't go
you can not endure it just like me, don't go
you wont stand the grief just like me, don't go
ahhhh, don't go
don't go, don't go
you would compensate of giref, oh me, don't go
you would be sick of griefs, oh me, don't go

you know that me without you, you without me means regret
you know that the love and usage would be stay unanswerable (there is no feedback for them)
you know that I would wane
you know that you would wane
you know that you would hug the grief, dont go

if you leave, what would you answer to your days?
you would murmur our words in whose ear?
you know that in this chilish game, both of us are loser players
don't go, cause your leaving is not good for us
look! there is no separateness in our gazes
don't go, don't let them to say: Love means Regret
dont let this wish turns to hate