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Awin iderghlen mouqel
Anwa inghen thamournik
Tezgid thaabat eddel
Itaabad fidissanik (x2)

Nougad assif adihmel
Nougad assif adihmel
Adiqlaa dizouranik

Adellel el maana bwawal
Izdegh imdanen marra
Ghass kan adenssawal
Yiwouen ough degh desslala (x2)

Nougad aghifath el hal
Nougad aghifath el hal
Agh tou3ir thagara

Ach’hal idemineqal
Ar’assa ourenvan ala
Dyiwouth tebni tsrouhen
Lather ouriven ala (x2)

Adnoukni outsmeslayen
Adnoukni outsmeslayen
Adentass oudnouk ala

To the blind one, see
Who has killed you sight?
You keep on bearing your burden
You bear it hard down your shoulders (x2)

We fear that the river floods
We fear that the river floods
And that it uproots you.

Our words sell the real meaning of life,
that lives in the heart of anyone
We keep on talking words
And yet, we’re not heard(x2)

We fear it’s going to be too late
We fear it’s going to be too late
And we’ll live a bitter end.

We’ve been back for a long time now
Uptill now, we’ve no news from them
Many of them wanted to go away
And they left no sign at all

But WE are talking
But WE are talking
As we keep on sleeping without awakening ever

Исполнитель: Abdelli
Альбом: New Moon (1995)
Language: Kabyle

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