Trey Songz "Company" Слова песни


[Verse 1]I'm all alone in this big old houseThink I'm 'bout to watch a movie, all my friends went outAnd the pool's feeling good, it's just the right tempDon't remember the last time I even got it, I think what I need is

[Pre-Hook]Company to comfort me, you call at the right timeFun for you, it's fun for me, we are such a good time

[Hook]And I wanna see you tonight, it's been a long timeI'm feeling lonely tonight, come and get it rightShe said "Okay baby I'll be on my way"Ask me can her home girl comeWe gon' have a lot of fun hereJust call me when you're comingGot nothing else to do, just waiting for youJust waiting for you

[Verse 2]Think I'mma go get myself cleaned upI'm finna hop up out the shower, feeling real fresh, fresh, real freshI'ma chill, I'ma chill, right up to the very second you get hereAnd let you know how I feel as soon as you walk in, I need your


[Verse 3]Think I'm 'bout to make myself a drink, thinking how we did it on the sinkThink I'm 'bout to roll myself a joint, I could roll some mo' up if you want, that's if you wantFaded now I'm sitting on the couch, I'll tell you what else I'm thinking 'boutI'm thinking 'bout how I'mma hit it every kind of way, call me when you're 5 minutes away

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

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