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Слова песни "14歳" amazarashi

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灰の歌 才能不在 哀悼弔い

常磐線下りのホーム 電線にとまるカラスの憂鬱
去った物は追いかけず 過ぎたことは振り返らず
間違ってる気もするけど きっとしょうがないわ
夢を見て上京した 少年の長い髪が
都市のビル風に揺れている それを彼女は見てる
見てる カラスの目玉で見てる 見てる

灰の歌 才能不在 哀悼弔い

ここがどこかなんて分からない 冷めた嘲笑が気に食わない
あれはアレイの白色矮星 それで僕は燃やされてしまいたい
いっその事灰になって 風に吹かれて消えてしまえ
鍵をかけた部屋に篭って 燃え尽きるも何もありゃしねぇ
オレンジ色のマンションの ベランダで親子が笑ってた
きっと明日もいいことが 起こると信じて疑わない
そんな響きの声だから 僕らの胸は張り裂けた
遠くに雨雲 明日はきっと雨だから

楽しくないけど笑ってみた それでも僕等空っぽだから
今すぐ何かを始めなくちゃ それなら僕は歌を歌うよ

灰の歌 才能不在 哀悼弔い

「人に嫌われたくなかった」 そんな名前のポスターで部屋は真っ暗
いったい僕はなんになれる って結局何者でもありゃしねぇ
青春の残り火みたいな 夜露をすすって今日も生きる
アメリカの映画みたいな ハッピーエンドは来なかった
結局僕は僕だから 結局今日は今日だった
明日を変えられる力が 僕らにはあるはずだった
テレビはいつものバラエティー 少し笑えた

悲しくないけど涙落ちた いつでも僕等空っぽだから
今すぐ何かを始めなくちゃ それなら僕は歌を歌うよ
好きな歌を歌う 好きな歌を歌う 好きな歌を歌う

死にたくないけど手首切った 彼女は今日も空っぽだから
今すぐ何かを伝えなくちゃ それなら僕は歌を歌うよ
生きたくないけど生き残った 結局全部ゴミくずだから
今すぐ何かを始めなくちゃ それなら僕は歌を歌うよ
好きな歌を歌う 好きな歌を歌う 好きな歌を歌う

The song of ashes, the absence of talent, a mourning funeral

The home station of the Joban Line, the melancholy of the crow perched at the electric wires
The girl who sees that, faces the daily melancholy that doesn't fly away by laughing
Everyday the same is repeated but we're not children anymore
Without chasing the things we lost, without turning back for the things that already passed us
I have the feeling I'm wrong but surely it can't be helped
The long haired boy who saw a dream and came to Tokyo,
The city buildings swaying in the wind, that's what she's looking at
Looking, looking with the crow's eyeballs, looking

The song of ashes, the absence of talent, a mourning funeral

I don't know what's this place. The frozen mockery doesn't disgust me.
That's an array of white dwarf stars. I want to be burned by those,
or better yet, you become ash, be blown by the wind and disappear completely
I shut myself in my locked room, but there'n not a single thing burning
Parent and child laugh at their orange apartment's veranda
I don't doubt the conviction that tomorrow too, good things will happen
It's because of that resounding voice that our chests overflowed
There are rain clouds in the distance, so tomorrow will surely rain

It isn't fun but I tried to laugh. Still, we are empty, so
we have to start something right now. If that's the case, I'll sing a song
A song I like

The youth's attic of self-consciousness that I wished for more than anything else
"I didn't want to be hated by people" the poster in my room with such title was totally dark
"Just what will I become" in the end I'm just nothing
Like the embers of my adolescence, I live today sipping the night dew
The happy end like those in an american movie didn't come
In the end, I am me. In the end, today was today.
We had the power to change tomorrow.
I laughed a little at the variety show on TV.

I'm not sad but I shed tears, because we are always empty
we have to start something right now. If that's the case, I'll sing a song
A song I like

I don't want to die but I cut my wrists, because today too, she is empty
Right now I must convey something. If that's the case, I'll sing a song.
I don't want to live but I survived. If that's the case, I'll sing a song.
A song I like