Rayan "Wayn" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

T3abny hobbak

Bakany bo3dak

7aram 3aleik tensa elly kan

Meen 3andy gheirak

Khabirny waynak

Wayn wayn wayn el 7ob elly kan embare7 wayn

Wayn wayn el 2alb elly kan ysem7 wayn

Wayn wayn elly 2aly b7ebak min zaman

Masikny aideek

2alby byreedak

2aly ya 3omry menny za3lan

Wa7yat 3oyounak

Day3 min doonak

2alby ya 2alby 3aysh 7ayran

Your love has tired me

I cry because of your distance

It's forbidden for you to forget what was

Who do I have other than you

Tell me where you are

Where where where is the love that we had yesterday where

Where where is the heart that used to forgive where

Where where is the one who said that she loved me forever

Let me hold your hands

My heart needs you

Tell me oh my life why are you upset from me

I swear by your eyes

I am lost without you

My heart, oh my heart, lives confused.