Rayan "Heyko 3einak" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

حكيو عينيك و سحرك ناداني اخدني ليك حبي و حناني
انت الامان و كل الحنان حياتي انت و احلى زمان
ياما ياما الليل يطول و انت ببالي على طول
بخيالي بشوفك جايي بعيونك احلى حكايه
يا عويني لا ما تنامي ظلي ظلي سهرانه
احكيني احكيني بجنون بحب الشوق المجنون
بحبك اكتر من حالي و غالي على قلبي غالي
يا زينه هالليالي عمري بقربك هناني

your eyes spoke and your charm took me ,my love and tenderness have brought me to you
you're the security and all the tenderness ,you're my life and my sweetest time

night was going long and long and you're always in my mind
i see you coming to me in my fantasy with the sweetest story in your eyes
oh my eyes don't sleep,keep keep awakened

talk to me madly ,i love the mad missing
i love you more than myself ,you're precious to my heart,precious
oh the beauty of these nihgts,my life congratulated me for you being near