Nicki Minaj "Roman Reloaded" paroles

Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
I guess I went commercial, just shot a commercial
When I flew to the set though, I ain't fly commercial
And your ad is global, yup ad is global
When we shot it was a lot of different agricultures
So I laugh at hopefuls
Nicki pop, only thing that's pop is my endorsement op
Fuck around I had to go and reinforce the block
Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
Is it me or did I put these rap bitches on the map again
You mad 'cause I'm at the Grammys in the Vatican
You in the booth, but I'm who you be channelin'
Why they never bring your name up at the panel then
Hottest MC's, top five
You need money, I got mine
More knots than Eric from Basketball Wives
(Ya digggg?)
Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
I couldn't do your TV show I needed 10 more mil
Not 10 on the back, I need 10 on signin'
Give that shit to a washed up bitch, I'm winnin'
If I had a label I would never sign you hoes
Take bitches to school then I colombine these hoes
I hear the slick shit, bitch you watch
All you hoes cryin', Christopher Bosh
Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
Ayo now when I tell em' that it's Barbie bitch
Yes I really do mean that it's Barbie bitch

Ask Mattel, they auction my Barbie bitch
Raggedy Ann could never be a Barbie bitch
You at the bottom of the barrel, scrapin'
I'm out in LA at the Ice Age tapin'
I'm chillin' at the top, I got ample time
Bite me, Apple sign
Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
Kush on my breath, cocaine on my tongue
Eat that pussy make it numb
She can't feel herself cum
Got a body on my gun, fuck the world with my thumb
Pop a molly smoke a blunt, that mean I'm a high roller
My ex wanna work it out, bitch try yoga
Two hoes on the bed, tell em' hoe slide over
Excuse my French, two bitches and moi
That's a Nicki Menage toi
Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
Um, my shit so cold and it don't even stink
A destructive ass nigga, watch me break the bank
Weezy F and the F is for fill in the blanks
I say shout out Mac Maine, Backyard Bully
And the weed purple like a black girl pussy
Word, middle finger on the trigger
Uh, so you know that mean fuck a nigga
Bang, my shit bang, b-bang bang (x2)
B-bang, my bitch bang, she bang bang
Well that's because my bitch is Nina Ross and and
She bang, b-bang bang, bang bang
She go bang, bang bang, bang bang