Maria Gadú "Beleza" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

Uh bela dor que vem ao entardecer
Uh bela flor despetalar, morrer
Beleza está nos olhos de quem vê

Serena lágrima do por, do amor
Saudade fábula tão furta-cor1
Beleza cabe onde algo for

Carência é o caos do estar, de ser a dois
Covarde, o ser que nunca ou nada foi
Beleza o raro, o ontem e o depois

What a nice pain that aches when the night falls
What a beautiful thing is a rose blooming and dieing
The beauty is before each one of us

A serene teardrop of the love we're giving
This longing becomes a fable, it's so chatoyant1
The beautiful things fit wherever they are

To need someone is the chaos of being in two
The one who's never been anyone or anything is a coward
The rare things, yesterday and what shall come tomorrow is beautiful