Ilham Al-Madfai "khuttar خطار" lírica

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خطار عدنه الفرح .. اعلق صواني اشموع
خافن يمر بالعكد .. رش العكد بدموع
يا قليبي وين الحزن .. حدر الحدر مرفوع
دومك تون ونتك .. تبكي بدمع مفجوع
طيفك امل كذاب .. فوق السما مرفوع
بالك تصيح بحزن .. صوت الحزن مسموع

خطار عدنه الفرح .. اعلق صواني شموع
شكبان ليلك غضب .. بالك تفز بالليل
دافن بصيص الأمل .. مسهًر نجوم سهيل
والريل فات وجزا .. مالك شغل بالريل
حطلنا موقد جمر .. زوُد سعير الويل
ذوًب شموع الوصل .. فرهد حبابي الهيل
بس لايبوق العمر .. طيف العمر ملسوع

خطارعدنه الفرح .. اعلق صواني شموع

لملم سنين العمر .. عثرهه ليل الظيم
فارشها فوق الهضب .. طرزهه لون الغيم
مشتال عمرك ذبل .. ما حًن نثيث الديم
والكيظ اجاك بثقل .. بعدك تظل امجيم
خيال حلمك مرق .. شتكله عيب انهيم
يبست انهار الأمل .. وانتظر روحي تموت

خطار عدنه الفرح .. اعلق صواني شموع
يدموعي طيفك غرق .. امسح دموع الطيف
شمسح جزاني الوقت .. راح الحلم يا حيف
قمريه وما مش بعد .. وليش احنا موش بصيف
ظلمه ودواشق حزن .. لا تظن روحي بكيف
غرًب شراع الفرح .. اهلاً اجانا الضيف
حسبالي يسوى العتب .. تاري العتب مرفوع
خطار عدنه الفرح .. اعلك صواني شموع

joy might visit us unexpectedly... hang the lit candles
it might pass through this way... spray the way with tears
oh, my heart, where is sorrow...i hid it away from the joy's path (the heart answers)
you always wail with tears of a distressed (the heart talking)
your shadow is a mere lying hope... above the heavens lifted (the prisoner)
be careful to not cry with sorrow... the sound of sorrow is heard (his heart speaking)

joy might visit us unexpectedly... hang the lit candles
even your prison-guard at night got angry... be careful not to wake up at night
burying the glimpse of not let the star Canopus sleep
(the heart tells him to welcome joy in silence and with the star light)
and the train has passed and is gone...the train is none of your business
(the heart tells him that time has passed him, and the prisoner responded it's not of your concern)
put a bonfire of burning coal...increase the blaze of longing and grief
melt all the candles until they go out... put more of all the cardamom in the coffee
(the prisoner asks his heart to put all the candles and cardamom he has for the guest 'joy')
do this so the time does not steal my life away from joy...for time is quick

joy might visit us unexpectedly... hang the lit candles

gather the years of my life... the unjust night has scattered it all over
has spread it out on the hills... and given it the shape of clouds
(the years of his life has gone and wasted like they have been evaporated like clouds)
you are sad your life has shriveled up...and the rain had no pity over you
and summer came over you are still in your place and you can't move
the shadow of your dreams passed you by... would you tell it what a shame that it did not stop by
you have dried the rivers of hope... and I'm waiting for my soul to die
(his heart is asking him whether he dares to ask joy this)

joy might visit us unexpectedly... hang the lit candles
in my tears, your shadow has drowned...i wipe the tears of the shadow
what should i wipe, the time has passed me...Alas, the dream is gone
(the prisoner does not know whether he should wipe his tears or the tears of his heart and wonders if he has the time for it)
we are in a full moon night that has no end...why, aren't we in summer?
i see darkness and sadness... don't think i like this night
(the nights of summer are short so the prisoner wonders if darkness and sadness is all he sees then it might not be summer night)
the joy has left us...hi welcome the guest is here
(he means that joy has come over and is gone too soon, like he just said hi to it)
i thought i had the right to reproach him (joy)... but it appears the reproaching is forbidden
joy might visit us unexpectedly... hang the lit candles