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Christian Hymns & Songs "Cum adpropinquaret Dominus" lírica

Traducción al: EN

Hιeroſolιmam mιſιτ duos ex ƌιſcιpulιs
ſuιs dιcens ιτe ιn caſtellum quoƌ
econτra uos eſt eτ ιnuenιeτιs pullum
aſιne allιgaτum ſuper quem nullus
hominum ſedιτ· Soluιτe eτ aƌƌucιτe
mιhι Sι quιs uos ιnτerrogauerιτ ƌιcιτe
opus ƌomιnι eſt Soluenτes aƌƌuxerunτ
aƌ IHCVM eτ ιnpoſuerunτ ſιbι
veſtιmenτa et ſediτ ſuper eum alιι
expanƌebanτ uestimenta sua ιn uιa
Λlιι ramos ƌe arborιbuſ exτernebanτ
eτ quι ſequebanτur clamabanτ Oſanna
benedιctuſ quι uenιτ ιn nomιne domιnι
benedιcτum regnum paτrιs nostrι
ƋAUIƋ· OSANNA ιn exelſιs mιſerere
Nobιs fιlι Ƌauιƌ

When the Lord approached
Jerusalem He sent two of his disciples
saying to them: "go there to the stronghold
in front of you and you shall meet a tied
foal of a donkey, on which no
man has sat yet, release it and lead it
to me. If someone asks you tell him
it's deed of the Lord". They untied it and brought it along
to Jesus, some fixed on it
their garments and He sat on it, while others
were spreading their garments on His path;
others were bestrewing twigs from the trees
and those following cried out: "Saviour!
Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!
Blessed be the kingdom of our father
DAVID; SAVIOUR in the highest, have mercy
on us son of David!"