Bright Eyes "Motion Sickness" lyrics

Motion Sickness

There is nothing forWhich I'm responsibleJust this baggage I keep carrying onAs if I had someoneOk, maybe there is a woman somewhereWho's still thinking of meOr a girl with coal black hairWho's haunted in her dreamsBut what they've seenWell, it wasn't meIt was just some lieThey slept besideYeah, I kept this from themBut I can't keep this from youSo will you look for meIn that strange bright placeWhere the statues bloom in the parkThey don't need no rainCause how I ever got to youI have no ideaIt's like some secret doorWell, it just appearedSo, no matter what I doFrom now on with my timeYou will always stay hereIn my mindI am certain of thisAnd I am not certain of anythingSo I want to get myself attachedTo something bolted downSo these winds of circumstanceWon't keep blowing me aroundFrom when I landTo when I leaveThere is enough timeTo sleep and singI keep running aroundWhen all I want is to lay motionless