Bright Eyes "Neely O' Hara" lyrics

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Neely O' Hara

in the morningwhen you throw up waterand your skin turns a pale pale yellowwell everyday you lose more colordo you think that someone paints your mirror?so you think that things sound differentat the time when you speakwell there are visions much clearer than these blurs that you seeand like neely o'hara you swallow your sleepand wake up in the morningto find out you are not who you used to beyou don't recognize the behavioror the spelling of your name and the shape that is in the mirrorwell you'd swear it is not the sameand like neely o'harayou swallow your sleep and you really can't rememberbut you know you are notthink you are notno you are not who you used to be

Here one can find the lyrics of the song Neely O' Hara by Bright Eyes. Or Neely O' Hara poem lyrics. Bright Eyes Neely O' Hara text. Also can be known by title Neely O Hara (Bright Eyes) text.