Bright Eyes "Contrast And Compare" lyrics

Contrast And Compare

Contrast and compareBetween the busy ones and the ones who don't careUntil there is no oneThat you really knowSo I drift through these daysOf appointments and promises madeThey all end up brokenAnd quickly replacedWeeks are slow, days drag onEven practice and parties seem longBut I find myself goingI guess there is nothing to do, oh wellGroup of kids, lines of carsMore will show up after the bars closeThere's this boredom that drowns everythingBottles break, music playsConversations competing for spaceI look for a corner or a quieter roomThere's no heat in this houseI can't breathe with these words in my mouthBut I'm not going to say themYeah, I've made that mistake beforeOn the stairs, she grabs my armSays whats up, where've you been, is something wrong?I try to just smileAnd say everything's fine

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