Alan Stivell "Kimiad" lyrics

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Ma c'halon a zo frailhet, dre nerzh ma enkrezioùMa daoulagad entanet n'o deus mui a zaeloùDeut eo, siwazh! An devezh ma rankan dilezelLec'h kaer ma bugaleaj, ma bro, kaer Breiz-Izel!

Keno dit, ma zi balan, kuzhet barzh an draonienn,Tachenn c'hlaz war behini, bugel, e c'hoarien;Gwez ivin ker bodennek, e disheol ar beureE-pad tommder an hañvoù e kousken da greisteiz


My heart is broken by the force of my anguishMy swollen eyes have no more tearsAlas, the day has come that I must leaveThe beautiful place of my childhood, my countryBeautiful Lower Brittany

Goodbye, my house of broom, hidden in the valleyGreen terrain over which, as a child, I playedLeafy yews of my village in the shade of which, in the morningIn the heat of the summer, I slept until noon

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