ON/OFF "Rinne Rondo (輪廻-ロンド-)" lyrics

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白い薔薇の花びら ひとつふたつ開けば
安らぎに照らされて 花を咲かせた夜は
甘くせつなく 色づいていく

光る糸を辿るように 時間(とき)は静かに流れて
満ち引く揺れに添いながら 人は生まれ変わる

貴方の微笑みは 胸を溶かすぬくもり
どこかで見た 淡い夢のよう
沈む夕日に 今を切り取られても

果てしなく遠く 限りなく深く 交わった運命のように
何度もつかんで 何度も失って やっと廻り合えた事
空が地を求め 花が雨を待ち 夜が明日を恋うように
二つの心が 一つだったこと こんなにも求めてたの

永い眠りほどいて 今宵めぐり逢えたら
二人の輪廻曲(ロンド) さあ 踊りましょう

過ぎた日々を流すように 月はやさしく潤んで
記憶の先にもう一度 愛しさが溢れた
貴方の年月を 二重に歩めるなら
影となって 守っていたい
吹き迷う風 二人を遠ざけても

宛てない煌めき 儚い揺らめき 漂う幻のように
彷徨いながらも 変わらない場所へ やっとたどり着いた事
闇が陽を奪い 嘘が罪に泣き 過去が未来を裂いても
巡りゆく様に きっとこの場所を 私は選んでいたの

白い薔薇の花びら ひとつふたつ散る時
そして生まれ変わって 貴方の胸に咲けば

As the petals of the white rose open - one, two,
They seem to revive my memories of that day
The flower blooms to comfortably illuminate the night
The colors change bittersweetly

Time flows peacefully, as though following a thread of light
And when it's accompanied by a rising tremor, someone is reborn

The warmth of your smile melts my heart
I could see someplace, like a fleeting dream
Even if it were to all end right now, in the sinking sun,
Our shadows would be laying atop one another

Just like a criss-crossed fate, endlessly distant, limitlessly deep,
Grasped over and over, lost over and over, it's something met by chance at last
As the sky wants the earth, flowers wait for the rain, and the night loves tomorrow
Two hearts long for just this, to be one

If we meet by chance tonight while taking a lengthy sleep
We should... well, dance our Rinne Rondo*

The moon is gently soaked, as though poured on by long-gone days
Once again, my old memories affectionately overflow
If you can walk through your years over again
I want to become your shadow and protect you
Even if the wavering winds keep us apart
Remember that I believe in you

Like a drifting illusion, unquestionably sparkling, momentarily swaying
Even though it lingers there, I've just finally arrived at this unchangeable place
Even as the darkness ousts the sun, lies cry for their guilt, the past tears apart the future
As though moved by fate, surely I've chosen this place


When the petals of the white rose fall - one, two,
They seem to dye the gentle morning
And if you are reborn, and it blooms in your heart,
Our love will become eternal