L'Aura "The Essence" lyrics

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The Essence

Chasing my own shadowI'll end up falling in lovewith a “construct” of affection.Charmed by fire strokes,I keep love for no one.

I killed feeling great pleasure,and yet I suffered in vain,restraining my attitudes.I fought my sexual instinct,Hiding truth behind chastity.

What a touch-down,when I realizedmy nature is a-sexual.And yet I hugged a manfitting my whole universeIn his handsome body.

I prayed you would chokeIn your questionable words.I hoped I could stopTrying to be myself.

All I want is being shapelessLike spring waterOn the top of the trees in winter.I'll sink into your armsSneaking out of my fantasy worldjust to be a judge ,just for your approval,your approval of my imperfection.Fountains are spilling humans:born dead,They are the byproducts ofextreme coupling.Blood is raining on glass spheresand their bulimic shapes.Lily flags are proof of the princess presenceIn the North Tower, but I’m sick ,Stuck to those holy walls , climbed to rescue herlong dark braids dropping from the balcony.

The thought of those dandy faces staring at memakes me shiver.I am caught doing my games,Harmless and undressedIn front of the bourgeois Court.

Creativity goes far beyond your drawingsof primordial demons silver mucus.Blooding wrists are a good enough eye-catcher:people’s attention is an act of trust.Allow yourself to be sincere.Truth is not real ,gonna get you a compromise,a slightly warm fire touchingour crutches.

Lead tears slide on the stairs of the heart .I’ll never forgetWhat you are,what you were,What you always will be,My divine enemy , bitter sweet paper doll.

Old-fashioned adolescent clichésAppeal to someone else.Ulysses never woke up from his piggish dreams.We're similarWe're unlikeDoes it make any difference?We are flowersPicking up crockery from ruins.We're spreading our wingsTo the Skyand our legs to Hell.

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