L'Aura "I'm With You" lyrics

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I'm With You

Under your bed,Upon your chair,finding a thought that you'll forgetI want to match your heart

Under a leafBehind a glass,chocking my needs in lonelinessI want to hold your heart

Without sense of touch,even just a glance will show

I'm with you,somehow...

Under the rain,up where the sunkisses your face and makes it shineI want to own your heart!

You were led astrayby your drinking friends;now that you found the roadYou'll know I'd like to hold your heart

Without sense of touch,Even without sight I know

I'm with you,somehow...

Here one can find the lyrics of the song I'm With You by L'Aura. Or I'm With You poem lyrics. L'Aura I'm With You text. Also can be known by title Im With You (LAura) text.