Maria Nazionale "A serenata 'e pulecenella" lyrics

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E stó' aspettanno cu stu mandulino
ll'ora che, 'a cielo, se ne trase 'a luna.
Mme só' nascosto dint'a nu ciardino,
pe' nun 'o ffá assapé
ca só' semp'io ca cerco scusa a te.

Te voglio tantu bene.
Te voglio tantu bene.
T'o ddico zittu-zittu, zittu-zitto,
ca, si allucco, 'a gente
ca nun sape niente,
pò sentí: Te voglio bene.

Mme metto scuorno 'e fá sapé a ll'amice
ca tinco-tinco torno e faccio pace.
Si 'appura 'a gente, Napule che dice?
Ca mm' 'e vvoglio fá fá
sott'a chist'uocchie cierti 'nfamitá?


Na vota ero 'o cchiù guappo 'e ll'Arenella,
tenevo 'nnammurate a mille a mille,
e mo mme faje chiammá Pulecenella.
Ma tu ce pienze o no,
ch'éro nu guappo, guappo overo. E mo?


And I'm waiting with this mandolin
for the time when the moon enters the sky.
I'm hidden in a garden
so that you won't know
that it's always me apologizing to you.

I love you all so much.
I love you all so much.
I'm saying it to you softly, softly,
because, if I'd shout, the people
who know nothing
may hear: I love you so.

I'm embarrassed to let the guys know
I'll be going back in a jiffy to have my peace of mind
If people knew, what Naples would say?
Why'd I want to make me make
a certain infamy before those eyes?


I was once the hotshot of Arenella, 1
thousands and thousands fell for me
and now they made me called Pulchinello. 2
But believe it or not,
I was a hotshot, a real hotshot. And now?