Hilary Duff "Rock This World" lyrics

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Rock This World

Everybody wants somethinThat seems to hard to getSo i sit here on a street in VeniceWaitin for the sun to setWatching people live their livesWonderin what it meansSometimes getting what you wantIs easier than it seemsI dont want to save the dayI just want to get my way

[Chorus]And rock this worldRead my lips and watch 'em curlRock this worldIt dont take much to please this girlI don't need the glitterDont believe the hypeYou might say im the simple typeJust like any other girlWho wants to rock this world

Everybody's goin somewhereSo why not you and I?We're all part of the same paradeJust people passin' byAnd anything can happenWhen the sun goes down like thisMaybe its just a miracleWhen you find some happinessI dont want to save the dayI just want to get my way

[Repeat Chorus]

People, can you hear me?I want you to come near meCan you feel the pull?It can be so beautiful

[Repeat Chorus]

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